Solar-powered ships


Your customers will appreciate the zero-emission, almost silent movement on the water.

Efficiently operating a solar-powered ship doesn't only mean generating solar power. The ship should use the generated energy as efficiently as possible - this is a question of hydrodynamics and weight. Our Ampereship ships are  hydrodynamically optimised so that they can be driven completely emission-free. Our ships' hulls are designed and built with weight optimisation in mind and in line with the client's requirements.

Main features

18,50 m
5,22 m
approx. 0,60 m
3,46 m without mast
7 km/h
13 km/h


Version 2
60 seats room for 15
Optional disabled toilet
Engine specifications and measurements variable up to 2 x 75 kW according to the client’s wishes. Transmission propeller can be mechanically rotated 360°. All BinSchUO waterway zone permits possible.


2 x 15 kW
1 x 6 kW
24 V
BinSchUO Zone 4
52 x monokristallin
approx. 66 qm
approx. 14,6 kWp
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