Solar-powered ferries


The world's first purely electrically operated car ferry saves around 14,000 liters of diesel fuel a year compared to the old ferry.

The world's first ever electric/solar-fuelled ferry was created in our workshop. The Sankta Maria 2 ferry sails between the Wasserbillig and Oberbillig communes on the Moselle and thus bridges Germany and Luxembourg. The efficient transmission and the unique hydrodynamic design of this emissions-free ship help save a yearly consumption of 14,000 litres of diesel.

We custom-build your ferries to tailor to you and your needs.

Main features

28,00 m
8,90 m
0,83 m
1,25 m / 1,40 m
5,77 m
7 km/h
13 km/h


25 t
12 t
8 t
15 x solar panels
approx. 5,4 kWp


4 x 20 kW
252 kWh
400 V / 230 V
24 V
BinSchUO Zone 4

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a maximum of comfort


Each ship provides its passengers with maximum comfort: Barrier-free access allows easier boarding for wheelchair users, prams and people with walking aids. in addition to this, there are spacious areas reserved for wheelchairs.

Depending on the customer's requirements, our ships can also have a separate passageway for wheelchair users/passengers with walking aids. The walkway can be lowered from the operating platform at the push of a button, so no additional members of staff is required.

Mooring magnets

For mooring, we generally use two mooring magnets type LE 8; 1530N. This enables the ship to be moored from the operating platform, thus saving on additional members of staff and time as well as increases security while the ship is being operated.

Interior fittings

Ampereship offers high-quality interior fittings for all areas onboard the ship, be it in the passenger lounge, the wet rooms or in the "crew only" areas.

We offer fittings and layouts in all possible variations. And all without cutting back on quality. Our special focus is energy-efficient heat insulation. The special insulation is an important detail for ensuring the well-being of the passengers and not least an important component of an energy-efficient ship.

Additional possible fittings

  • Navigation and anchor lights (LED)
  • Horn
  • External megaphone
  • Electric toilets
  • Fresh water pumps for service water pressure (pressure pump)
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Bilge pumps
  • Ballast water pumps
  • Fire pumps
  • Waste water bilge pump
  • Echo sounder
  • Ship log
  • Solar power display (also visible to passengers)
  • Suitable loudspeaker system for inside and outside with microphone and mixing console at the operating platform
  • Operable cameras with monitors
  • Plug socket for refrigerator or freezer chest
  • Plug socket for kitchen devices (blender, coffee machine, etc.)
  • Plug socket for internal laptop or PC with Internet connection and headset
  • Plug sockets for TVs (flat screen) and sound system
  • Plug socket for webcam
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