The Ampereship shipyard

Gliding over water using "only" electricity.

Ampereship GmbH is specialized in manufacturing emission-free electric solar-powered ships and ferries of the highest quality for commercial shipping. The shipyard is located directly at the Strelasund in the Hanseatic city of Stralsund. All of our ships are made in Germany: specially handcrafted here and delivered worldwide. Thanks to their efficient, hydrodynamic design and lightweight construction, our ships can be driven exclusively by the power of the sun and energy stored in the batteries. We build modern passenger ships and ferries:
economic, environmentally friendly and designed for the future.
Our production sites enable us to build up to 50 metres long and 12 metres wide. We build in line with different notified bodies such as Lloyd, GL, BinSchUO, among others. We are also a member of the German Welding Association (DVS).

Our ships are created under the supervision of our experienced, highly qualified constructors and engineers. We always ensure that we deliver commercial ships of the highest quality for their different intended purposes in a timely manner.
Each of our ships is manufactured in Stralsund by our certified and experienced specialised workers. We guarantee the latest technology and constant quality controls. Our ships are manufactured, as far as is possible, out of aluminium AlMg 4.5. This aluminium/magnesium alloy is extremely stabile, rust-proof and seawater resistant.


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