Fahrgastschiffe nach Kundenwunsch

Our shipyard can build your ship according to your wishes

In addition to building electric solar-powered catamarans, we will happily translate your individual concepts of an electric solar-powered or hybrid ship into reality, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Example ship "Orca ten Broke"

35.30 m
8.25 m
1.10 m
6 km/h
13 km/h


List of fittings

This ship has anchor piles. The extendable supports can be lowered to up to six metres in order to securely anchor the ship.
The deck level offers a maximum comfort. Many elements provide indirect light, which helps to save energy.
The seminar ship is built just like a low-energy house. The wall thickness is 30 centimetres and the windows are triple-glazed. This ensures the ideal temperatures for both the summer and the winter seasons.
Optimum comfort for guests and energy-efficient heat production.
The ship's solar equipment produces up to 32 kilowatts, which weather permitting covers the entire energy requirements and charges the batteries with a capacity of 250 kilowatt hours.
The ship offers barrier-free access - every kind of wheelchair can board via a ramp and even the doors are wide enough. In addition to this, the ship is equipped with spacious disabled toilets with handrails and an emergency push button.


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