Electric solar-powered car ferries

The completely emission-free propulsion gives passengers the impression that they are gliding across the water. The solar panels supply the electric engines with electricity and subsequently provide a noiseless motoring experience. This can open up the possibility of driving through nature reserves, for example. Our solar-powered ships are specially designed for this eventual terrain, all while taking into account the air draught for passing under bridges, water depth and navigation width, based on our experience with cruise ships.


Main features

28.00 m
8.90 m
0.83 m
5.77 m
7 km/h
13 km/h


Propulsion and energy systems

4 x 20 kW
Lithium polymer
96 V
BinSchUO zone 4
15 x monocrystalline
5.4 kWp



varable according to client's wishes
variable according to the client's wishes
according to the client's wishes
6 km/h - 20 km/h
Position is variable
rudder Propeller up to 4 x 75 kW (rotable 360 degrees)
all BinSchUO zones possible



The first fully electric-powered car ferry for inland waters was launched in Stralsund and this was witnessed live by the crew from the German show "Einfach Genial". This coverage provides good insight into the features and functions of our electric solar-powered ships.


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